Halloween Safety Tips

 Erik C. | Jun 5, 2019 | 1 min read 

Halloween can be scary for pets!

Follow these simple tips to keep your fur babies safe.

– Leave the candy to the humans. Treats like chocolate or sugar free candy (which contains xylitol) can cause seizures and even shut down vital organs in dogs, cats, and other animals. The wrappers are just as dangerous! When swallowed, they can create blockages.

– Electrical cords from decorations, candles, alcohol, and human food can be harmful to your fur baby. Fog machines and candles can be especially dangerous for birds.

– Making sure your pet has proper ID and a leash is important year round, but especially so around the holidays. Keeping your pet indoors may also prevent them from being target of a prank.

– Make sure your pet’s costume is comfortable for them and does not affect breathing, eating, drinking, vision, walking, or bathroom habits. Is the costume comfy? be sure the outfit isn’t too tight.

– Want a festive treat? Talk to your regular veterinarian about adding canned pumpkin toy our pets diet.