Heat Can Kill

 Erik C. | Jun 5, 2019 | 1 min read 

When it’s hot we sweat to cool down. But unlike us, dogs don’t sweat, and heat up faster than we do, all too often becoming overheated before we realize. This is a serious situation which can be deadly in very little time. Avoid this risk by ensuring your dog has plenty of shade and access to fresh, cool drinking water.

And never keep your dog in a locked car. EVER.

A few signs of Heat Stroke

– Overly high body temperatures. (104-110F)

– Excessive panting, weakness and/or fatigue

– Rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing

– Vomiting, thick saliva and/or bloody diarrhea

– Bright red, dark and/or dry tongue and gums

– Skin around neck doesn’t snap back when pinched

Cool down tips:

– Move your dog into a shady, cool place

– Fan while using your fingers to spread their fur open

– Place cool damp cloths around their paws and head

– If possible, submerge your dog in a bathtub or tank of cool (not cold) water

– Gently hose with a light spray. Never use ice water as this will constrict blood vessels and slow cooling.

If ever in doubt always call your vet.