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Your pet’s first line of defense against many illnesses and other health issues is a nutrient-rich diet.

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You are what you eat. Preventive care also includes food.

A nutrient-rich diet is your pet’s first line of defense against many diseases and other health problems. Proper daily nutrition supports healthy growth and aging. The right food can boost your pet’s immune system, improve digestive health, fight or prevent obesity, and increase skin, coat, and hair health.

Every pet’s nutritional needs are different, so feeding can be more complicated than it seems. Laurel Pet Hospital veterinarians can teach you how to read pet food labels, how to check for beneficial nutrients, and how much you should feed your pet and when. We can also help you learn how to meet any of your pet’s breed-specific feeding requirements, and we can prescribe foods for pets that have very specific health requirements.

Your pet depends on you to make the right nutrition choices, so make sure you know how. Your Laurel Pet Hospital veterinarian would be happy to help you with your pet’s nutritional needs. Schedule an appointment today at Laurel Pet Hospital to learn more about pet nutrition.


Average dogs and cats that eat balanced, nutrient-rich diets and that are in good health may not need additional dietary supplements. However, plenty of pets, particularly aging or overweight pets, may benefit from taking regular supplements.

Always check with your Laurel Pet Hospital veterinarian before giving your pets supplements, as you may actually be trying to treat a deficiency caused by a different underlying health issue. Plus, some supplements can interact with prescription medications.

Your Laurel Pet Hospital veterinarian may recommend the following supplements, depending on your pet’s needs:

  • Fatty acids for healthy skin and coats
  • Fish oil for reduced inflammation
  • Probiotics for balanced digestive systems, reduced allergy symptoms, and/or boosted immune systems
  • Joint supplements

To learn more about supplements, schedule an appointment with your Veterinarian at Laurel Pet Hospital.

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